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The 349F L is built to keep your production numbers up and your owning and operating costs down. Not only does the machine’s C13 engine meet U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emission standards, but it does so while giving you all the power, fuel efficiency, and reliability you need to succeed. Where the real power comes in is through the hydraulic system. You can literally move tons of material all day long with a great deal of speed and precision. When you add in a quiet operator environment that keeps you comfortable and productive, ground-level service points that make your routine maintenance easy, and multiple Cat work tools that help you take on a variety of jobs, you simply won't find a better 49-ton machine. If productivity, comfort, versatility, and fuel efficiency are what you want, the 349F L excavator is what you need.

349F L Brochure       


F-Series Technology



  • Same bucket force, stick force, swing torque, and lift capability as the 349E.
  • New Payload Control option tracks load weights, cycle counts, and daily totals to increase truck loading efficiency.

Fuel Efficiency

  • C13 ACERT™ Tier 4 Final engine meets U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Tier 4 Final emission standards.
  • Electronic, fuel, air, and after treatment integration enhances fuel efficiency, reduces emissions, and extends service intervals.
  • Automatic engine speed control lowers rpm based on load for reduced fuel consumption.
  • Automatic engine idle shutdown turns off the engine when it idles for more than a specified amount of time.


  • Cat® Connect technology improves job site efficiency.


  • Routine maintenance items like grease points, fluid taps, and filters are easy to reach.
  • Side-by-side cooling system is efficient and enables easy cleaning.


  • Full-size roll-over protective structure (ROPS) certified cab is quiet and comfortable.
  • Automatic climate control system helps maintain consistent cab temperature.


  • Common linkages between E and F Series support tool interchangeability.


  • Built for long service life.
  • Booms and sticks are built with baffle plates for added strength.
  • Box-section structures with multi-plate fabrications, castings, and forgings are used in high-stress areas.
  • Counterweight bolted directly to the main frame for rigidity.


  • A Powerful, Efficient Design - When it comes to moving heavy material quickly and efficiently, you need hydraulic horsepower - the type of ground-breaking power the 349F L can deliver. Major hydraulic components like pumps and valves are located close together so shorter tubes and lines can be used. This design leads to less friction loss, reduced pressure drops, and more power to the ground for the work you need to get done.

  • Control Like No Other - Controllability is one of the main attributes of Cat excavators, and one of the key contributors to this is the main control valve. The valve opens slowly when your range of joystick lever movement is small and opens rapidly when movement is high. It puts flow where you need it when you need it, which leads to smoother operation, greater efficiency, and lower fuel consumption.

  • Auxiliary Hydraulics For Added Versatility - Auxiliary hydraulics give you greater tool versatility so you can take on more work with just one machine, and there are several options from which you can choose. A quick coupler circuit, for example, will allow you to switch from one tool to another in a matter of minutes - all from the comfort and convenience of the cab.

  • Boom & Stick Oil Re-Circulation For Added Efficiency - The 349F L regenerates the flow of oil from the head end of the boom and stick cylinders to the rod end of the boom and stick cylinders during the work cycle to save energy and improve fuel efficiency. It’s optimized for any dial speed setting you select, which results in less pressure loss for higher controllability, more productivity, and lower operating costs for you.

In addition to a complete line of Caterpillar pipelayers, sidebooms, track-type tractorsexcavators and motor graders, PLM is the exclusive distributor of Vanguard Continuously Powered Welding tractors, Wet Decks (hydraulic conversion kits for Caterpillar pipelayers) and Combo tractors (pipelayer attachments on D6 Caterpillar tractors). For more information, please contact your PLM account manager or click here to contact us.

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