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The CPW 125-4 Series 2 Weld Deck offers the exceptional performance, productivity and versatility required to facilitate the building of pipeline infrastructures. Utilizing substantial research with industry leaders and technicians, Vanguard Equipment, Inc. has developed the Weld Deck, a continuously powered welding solution. This state-of-the-art unit continues to revolutionize the quality and efficiency of on-site welding around the world.

Weld Deck Brochure & Specifications    

Weld Deck Features & Capabilities

  • The power generation is independent of the carrier allowing the unit to be moved without shutting down the power which results in faster cycle time for welding a joint of pipe.
  • The generator module incorporates a Tier 3/EU Stage IIIA engine that is in compliance with current US EPA non-road emissions regulations under the TPEM program and with current EU non-road mobile machinery emissions regulations.
  • A closely governed genset results in tighter frequency control creating higher quality welds and fewer weld repairs.
  • The air compressor delivers the air at both a higher volume and pressure.  The fact that there is no down time for the compressor while moving the unit adds to its ability to replenish the air much faster than other designs.
Weld Deck
  • The Weld Deck package comes standard with 50/60 dual frequency operation for easy conversion between 50 and 60 cycle applications at the flick of a switch.  Optional quick-connect front receptacle panels are available to suit any plug standard throughout the world.
  • The module is bolted to the carrier you choose and the fuel line is connected to the carrier's fuel tank.  The front platform module, if required, is pinned to the carrier using existing tractor pins for easy installation and removal.
  • A front-mounted, fully hydraulic slewing canopy is now available from Vanguard that can be mounted to a D6M/N or any large dozer as well as the PANTHER T8/T12 carrier models.


Interchangeable adapter plates allow for mounting onto whichever carrier is desired (for example:  D6M/N, D6D/E, 571G/R, 572G/R, 71H, 72H, or Challenger units) via its winch mounts.  The unit can also be supplied in a flat-deck arrangement that can be mounted onto a skid, the PANTHER T8/T12, or other carriers.  Examples shown here:

D6N LGP Tack Rig with slewing canopy
D6N LGP Tack Rig with slewing canopy.
71H Pipelayer used as a shack tractor.
PANTHER T8 with slewing canopy
PANTHER T8 carrier with flat deck and slewing canopy.

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