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Our Recent Blogs and Posts

Designed With Protection in Mind

Job safety is a key concern for everyone.  For pipeline construction however, local and regional regulations play a major role in the selection of equipment and this can vary by region.  Add to this that many owning companies have their own requirements for equipment used on their jobsite.  With this in mind, Cat pipelayers are designed with safety features that protect your pipeline crew in and around the machine regardless of where it is used around the world.  READ MORE.

Build A Strong Safety Culture

Safe work - zero injuries.  This is everyone's goal.  Safety has always been an important topic, but now - more than ever before - the pipeline industry recognizes the need to do more.  In order to build beyond the safety basics, a change in attitude and the way we address important safety issues must take place.  For this reason, Caterpillar, PipeLine Machinery International (PLM) and a group of the industry's leading companies present a safety leadership program specific to the scenarios, conditions and environments in which pipeliners operate every day.  READ MORE.

The Next Generation of Value

Reliability.  Performance.  Fuel Efficiency.

We know that you're under constant pressure to do more work at a lower total cost with less environmental impact.  Cat® Tier 4 Final solutions help you do just that.  Caterpillar® has redesigned the product line from the inside out at Tier 4 Interim to accommodate their Tier 4 Final solution.  The result is a new generation of engines that meets your high expectations for reliability, performance, fuel efficiency and component life - all while producing significantly fewer emissions.  READ MORE.

The Purpose of the Quick Drop

What is the true purpose of the quick drop feature on a PLM Caterpillar pipelayer? This feature is designed to drop the pipelayer load quickly in the case of a tipping danger.  If the operator uses this feature for any other reason than an emergency situation, and stops a falling load before ground level when the hook control lever is in Quick Drop mode, it can cause further problems with the pipelayer down the road, reducing the life of a well operating machine, and costing you higher maintenance fees. READ MORE.