Cat PL61 Pipelayer

Engineered for reliable production on the most challenging job-sites, the Cat® PL61 pipelayer (sideboom) is part of a full line of purpose-built pipelayers designed for performance, safety and serviceability.  Easy transport width, combined with the experienced support of the Cat dealer network, means this key pipeline equipment is available when and where you need it.

The PL61 pipelayer features a Cat diesel engine with ACERTTechnology and meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final/EU Stage IV/Korea Tier 4 emissions standards with emissions reduction technology that is transparent to the operator.  A configuration is also available to meet China Nonroad Stage III, India Bharat III, Eurasian Economic Union Stage IIIA, UNECE R96 Stage IIIA emission standards, equivalent to Tier 3/Stage IIIA.

Features & Information

  • Fast steering response for superior maneuverability on the pipeline
  • Robust fuel system that stands up to lower quality fuel
  • Cold weather package provides added features for cab comfort and more reliable engine starting/performance in cold weather environments
Designed with Safety in Mind.
  • Rear vision camera available with a dedicated display providing added visibility to the back of the machine
  • Load Monitor Indicator (LMI) available - mandatory attachment where required to meet regional regulations
  • Open and closed cabs feature a Roll Over Protective Structure (ROPS) to help protect operators and the machine in case of a rollover.
  • Rear window exit and quick drop release function for added safety and more intuitive operation
Easy Maintenance.

The PL61 is designed for fast, easy maintenance with ground level access to grouped service points.  The purpose-built machine gives you a single source for parts and service on all components.  Updated features help speed service and maintenance, and the worldwide Cat dealer network understands the unique support required by pipeline job-sites, even in remote areas.


In addition to a complete line of Caterpillar pipelayers, sidebooms, track-type tractors (dozers)excavators and motor graders, PLM is the exclusive distributor of Vanguard Continuously Powered Welding tractors, Wet Decks (hydraulic conversion kits for Caterpillar pipelayers) and Combo tractors (pipelayer attachments on D6 Caterpillar tractors). For more information, please contact your PLM account manager or click here to contact us.

pl61 pipelayer sideboom