LMI 4 Pipelayer System
by Cranesmart

Wirelessly provide the operator with accurate load information, significantly reducing the potential for costly and dangerous overloading, tip-overs and other jobsite accidents.

Winchsmart System
by Cranesmart

For that challenging, steep pipeline work with tow line cables between machines, protect your crew and your equipment with the Winchsmart System.

To address the need for accurate load information in the pipeline industry, PLM teamed up with Cranesmart Systems to provide a wireless load monitoring indicator (LMI) system for pipelayers.  The LMI 4 Pipelayer System gives the operator accurate load information to include:

•  Load on the hook
•  Pipelayer-LMI-4-System-Vertical-PNGOverhang
•  Machine slope
•  Capacity at that position
•  Warn of overload
•  Powerline Detection
•  Optional anti-2-block

The Winchsmart System uses a 140K Load Cell that feeds load information to a simple interface panel.  Together with load warning alarms, the operator is aware of real-time conditions at every moment.  Key features include:

•  Accurate display and logging of load conditions
Winchsmart-Display-Web5•  All systems are factory
    calibrated to certification-level accuracy
•  Loud horn and beacon alert when any load
    exceeds their maximum
•  Built tough and designed to work in all
    weather extremes: -40ºF to +140ºF (-40ºC to
•  Quick and easy installation, no technician
•  Guaranteed 10 year service and free batteries during the life of the system

Accurate. Reliable. Simple.

•  Simple, user-friendly display
•  Engineered specifically for pipelayers, programmed specific to each model

•  Built for any weather condition from -40ºF to +140ºF (-40ºC to +60ºC)
•  Utilize a supervisor permission code to control which parts of the system operators can
•  Quickly and easily check the status of all transducers in the system

Anti-2-block protection

The Pipelayer System also offers anti-2-block protection. This feature includes a simple, wireless anti-2-block switch, which swivels freely to travel in the direction of the wire rope and a chain and trigger-weight.

Operators typically concentrate on the load on the hook, not the proximity of the hanging blocks. The anti-2-block function provides audible and visual alarms on the display panel just before the two hanging blocks come together, eliminating equipment damage and increasing safety for ground personnel.

Jobsite Foreman App
The Winchsmart System has a jobsite foreman application that allows supervisors to view operation data effectively and monitor the load status of multiple machines at once, while recording values for analysis.  

•  The application can be customized by the user. 
•  Provides complete status at a glance, tailored to any set of specific needs.
•  All alarms are clearly displayed and logged, indicated by type, time, date and status. 
•  Loads can be viewed after the fact to help you predict your equipment needs in similar situations.
•  The Winchsmart System has an HTML interface that allows for viewing from any phone, tablet or laptop and can be access via a local WiFi connection.  Internet connection is not required.
•  The system can be accessed via cell phone network if a connection is available.  Look at loads live from the office.
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