Services Overview


PipeLine Machinery International (PLM) presents PLM Connect services that represent predefined capabilities to address customer challenges and add value. For many of you, that may include providing access to data, analytical tools, visualization software, reports, training or automated services. Others may add a layer of dealer analysis and consultation.


Equipment Management Services:  Helps you stay on top of monitoring, maintenance and repair costs without adding headcount – potentially freeing up resources for other jobs. 

  • PLM Condition Monitoring Services will compare health and utilization benchmarks to identify improvement opportunities.  Get expert knowledge, skills and/or consultation related to equipment management. 
  • Remote Services is a suite of cutting-edge technologies that significantly improves jobsite efficiency using two key functions:  Remote Troubleshoot and Remote Flash.
  • S•O•S Fluid Analysis give you the inside story.  Taking fluid samples is quick and easy.  With Caterpillar's state-of-the-art analysis and concise reporting, you can better track equipment, optimize performance and control service and maintenance costs.
  • Cat® Inspect 4.0 is a digital application that allows you to easily download Caterpillar inspection forms, complete your inspections and immediately share your results. 
  • CAT® App delivers simplified, streamlined equipment data to mobile devices helping you to monitor machines location and health, react faster to fault codes and maximize uptime.
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Safety Services:  Helps employees at all levels understand the risks of fatigue, distraction and unsafe actions, then take steps to mitigate them and build a safety-first culture.  With a core focus on pipeline safety, PLM is committed to making the pipeline construction industry a safe working environment.

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