PLM’s focus on the pipeline industry includes dedicated Product Support Coordinators that work with local Cat® dealers to ensure the pipeline contractor has the entire Caterpillar® parts and service resource base on alert to the needs of the project as it passes through the local dealer territories.

PLM’s Product Support Coordinators are pipeline equipment specialists who know the pipeline construction industry and the unique equipment challenges it faces.

Where are you? So are we.

PS-SmallWorking with the extensive network of Cat dealers around the world, PLM has sold and rented equipment on every continent except Antarctica. As lead supplier or in partnership with local dealers, PLM is providing the equipment, coordinating the training and service, arranging financing and providing equipment and pipeline expertise on major pipeline projects around the world.

We believe in being your partner for pipeline solutions and this means making sure you are informed, trained, and connected. PLM will have you UP +RUNNING…every inch of the way.

Please contact us to reach the PLM Product Support team near you.