PipeLine Machinery International (PLM) announces the latest innovation to be added to its pipeline solutions line-up - the VOLTEK SYSTEMS™ family of High Voltage Safety Devices manufactured by United Safety, Inc.

These cutting-edge technologies and state-of-the-art Powerline Proximity Alarm and Range Limit Devices provide an unmatched degree of protection for both the pipeline equipment and the operator.

PLM has significantly reduced the price of the VOLTEK devices for the months of April and May 2014 to promote our commitment to our customer's safety by providing the best product in the industry to help reduce accidents and incidents on the job. 

For a quote please see your account manager. If you are a new customer please contact Joe Leal: jleal@plmcat.com or +1-713-580-8417.


Models and Features

The VOLTEK NS™ (patent pending) is a core safety device that will detect AC, alert and monitor/ log internally for optional download all settings or levels changed, alarms triggered, power cutouts, and electrical field detections.

Updatable firmware allows features and behavior to be modified on-site without changing hardware.  VOLTEK NS is self-resetting, eliminating the need to replace fuses and utilizes digital radio transceivers for wireless communication.

The VOLTEK NS Features include:

  • 12 and 24 volt system compatible
  • All digital technology
  • Backlit buttons for night use
  • Wireless remote option (Coming Soon)
  • Internal & external alarm system
  • Auto Shutdown feature when connected to vehicle eStop
  • Detects A/C power
  • Detects 11Kv+ at approximately 400’+ at maximum sensitivity
  • Integrated VOLTEK SCRIBE™ technology accessible through VOLTEK CORE™ software.

The LIMITEK XL™ is an Extended Range Limiting Device that is used in accordance with the OSHA Cranes & Derricks Standard when intentionally operating inside the Table A zone.   The LIMITEK XL can be fully integrated with VOLTEK NS power line warning system and other ancillary VOLTEK SYSTEMS products.

Features include:

  • Allows individual direction limiting of movement of equipment—both vertical and slewing
  • Can limit the range of movement in situations where no power lines are present
  • Operator and mechanic friendly
  • Easy to install—easy to remove, great for rental equipment
  • Triggers warning siren as well as red light inside cab when set point is reached
  • Standard package with 3 switches, expandable up to 6

DUALTEK is an integrated system of both the Powerline Proximity Device of the VOLTEK NS and the multi-directional Range Limiting of the LIMITEK XL. By combining these technologies, DUALTEK offers operators the benefits of both systems, without the hassle of having two separate boxes and enables the operator to achieve a higher level of safety.

Accessories & Compatibility

Both the VOLTEK NS and DUALTEK have built-in wireless interface to link to optional future accessories.   The Voltek NS, LIMITEK XL and DUALTEK contain Scribe™ technology, which is an integrated event logger that records button presses, sensitivity adjustments, field strength readings, alerts, alarms, cable connections, power loss, errors, and system status.  These records can be accessed by a computer with software called Voltek Systems™ Core™.

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