PANTHER T16 Carrier

ENGINE: Cat® 7.1
275 hp / 205 kW
LOADED: 6.87 psi
PAYLOAD:  33,500 lb. / 15 195 kg

The PANTHER T16 rubber track crawler carrier navigates difficult terrain and effortlessly carries up to 33,500 lb. (15 195 kg) worth of heavy equipment, job materials and supplies down the right-of-way while exerting very low ground pressure. This means the PANTHER T16 carrier offers optimal contact with the terrain, yet only gently touches the ground.  Haul a full load of materials to the jobsite and release the load exactly where you want it safely and efficiently.

Built with a widened chassis to accept virtually all implements without any modifications, PLM makes the PANTHER T16 available in the tilting flat bed and dump body configuration.  The dump body is the most common application and is made from a heavy-duty steel with a capacity of 11.5 cubic yards. 

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Features & Information

  • Emissions Technology.  The Cat C7.1 ACERT engine meets EPA Tier 4 Final/ EUPANTHERT16-400pix Stage IV emission standards.
  • Performance.  The PANTHER T16 features an uphill & downhill gradeability of 60% (31º), sidehill gradeability of 40% (21.8º), and a maximum speed of 8 mph (13 km/h).  Pavement-friendly rubber tracks and remarkable speed make the PANTHER highly mobile.  Numerous blocks provide bite into the ground while angular cuts and “zig-zag” tread provide side-hill grip.  Dynamic track tension gives you proper tension while working.  Large wheels give more contact with the ground and more stability.
  • Versatility and more.  PLM makes the PANTHER T16 available in the tilting flat bed and dump body.  Together with a ground pressure of 6.87 psi and a strong pull ratio, these features allow this carrier crawler to access your pipeline construction site, even if the terrain is difficult, without damage to the environment.

Download the product specifications from this page to see additional features and information.


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