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PLM is your global partner for pipeline solutions.

Whether you are a large pipeline construction company with all of your transportation services tied up in other projects or a smaller company that does not have transportation resources, PLM offers pipeline logistic services as a solution to your equipment delivery needs. PLM will work with you and those within your company at the office and job site level to make sure your equipment is picked up and delivered in a timely and reliable manner. We shop for the best prices among the most trusted freight services available and then coordinate pick-up and delivery so that you can concentrate on more important things, like the job itself.

PLM only uses trusted, reliable, and time-proven vendors and will follow the equipment or part for you from pick-up to delivery. When delays in delivery happen we find solutions and will coordinate with your sales contact and job site superintendent regarding adjusted schedule. There are no hidden charges for this service.

The distance and location of the equipment can be as close as around the corner or across the globe. PLM can coordinator service for international freight and border crossing. There is no load that is too large or small - all sizes machines and / or parts are included in this service.

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For more information regarding PLM's pipeline equipment and solutions, please contact us.