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PipeLine Machinery International (PLM) introduces PLM Connect, an intelligent suite of hardware, software and consultative services as a toolkit to help you run a more profitable operation.  Choose the technology tools or services that help you boost efficiency, improve safety, save time and money – or all of the above.



  • I need to increase production
  • I need to control costs
  • I need to improve operator performance
  • I need to run a safe operation


  • Decide what technologies and services you really need
  • Get your assets connected
  • Train your people to get the best return on your investment
  • Manage the data from your assets
  • Achieve measurable, sustainable results

How do you know which technology or service you need? 

Start by determining what’s causing your operation the most pain and then explore the ways PLM Connect can help you alleviate it, fast.  From there, our PLM Connect team will work with you to identify – and implement – specific technologies and services.  Start with just what you need and add on when it makes sense for your operation.



No matter where your pipeline project is or what size of operation you run, the technology tools offered by PLM Connect can help you do it more efficiently, profitably and safely.

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PLM Connect Services are designed to deliver real-time information that will ultimately reduce your machine downtime and help you manage your equipment fleet to be more productive.

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Register for PLM Connect

This registration gives you access to the technology and services programs and applications that are listed below.  Once registered, a PLM Connect specialist will contact you with further assistance.  Just click the link below to get started.


Helpful Links

VisionLink® is the easy-to-use interface that turns the data and insights into actionable information regarding asset location, operation, health, productivity and more.
CatAppMy.Cat.Com makes it easy for you to track equipment locations and conditions, act on alerts, order parts, and schedule service 24 hours a day. Best of all, you can access data for ALL of your connected and non-connected equipment with a single login.
Cat-Inspect-2Cat® Inspect is an easy to use application which allows users to download and complete inspections and include additional information such as pictures, comments, and ratings. Users can create and customize their own forms and also assign inspection in the Cat Inspect control console here: Cat Inspect Website

Cat Inspect Mobile App:

CatApp_Icon_Round1The new Cat mobile app is designed to be the companion app to the My.Cat.Com web portal. The app allows users a quick and easy way to contact their Cat Dealer, manage their equipment and access multiple Caterpillar systems (e.g. Parts.Cat.Com).  Designed to be a light weight telematics tool – the Cat app displays basic fleet information, asset hours and location.
Cat App:
CAT_Technician_Option_9Service Information System (SIS) is the electronic service tool that Caterpillar dealers, customers and employees rely on for their parts and service information needs.  SIS covers information for all Caterpillar products from 1977 on and is available on dealer networks, Internet and DVDs. 
SOSThe S • O • SSM program offers comprehensive fluid analysis to include oil, coolant and fuel.  Reduce your owning and operating costs by leveraging Caterpillar branded proprietary process that turns fluids analysis data into valuable information.  Let our fluids experts perform the sophisticated analysis so all you have to do is follow the recommended actions. 

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