PLM Canada Open House

  • Dates: 04 Sep, 2013

PLM Canada Open House 

Nisku, Alberta – Canada  /  Date:  4 October, 2013

On September 4, 2013 PLM held an open house event at the Nisku, Canada yard location.  More than one-hundred people attended, with the majority being customers from the surrounding area, to walk around, view up-close and ask questions about the latest in pipeline equipment and technology provided by PLM. 

On display were pipelayer models PL61, PL83 and 72H.  The PANTHER T8 was also on-hand for viewing in all available applications; Weld Deck with slewing canopy, Crane with flat bed and dump box.  Pipeline solutions such as the DECKHAND® Pipe Handling System, Cranesmart Load Monitoring Indicator (LMI) and the VOLTEK SYSTEMS high voltage devices were also made available and installed where possible.  United Safety Inc., LaValley Industries, EKpass and Cranesmart – our manufacture partners for these pipeline solutions – were also in attendance to visit with customers and answer any questions they might have.

The PLM team in Canada put a tremendous amount of work into preparing for the event.  The yard in Nisku underwent a major renovation inside and out and was ready for visitors by this event in large part due to the efforts of John Bilawka, product support manager Canada, and Correy  Trudeau, equipment services coordinator.  Blake Shultis, account manager, and Lindley Imeson, vice-president product support, sent out invitations to pipeline customers and followed up on responses.  Mary-Ann Nyal, executive assistant and office manager, decorated the office with photographs, coordinated sign placement, and arranged a nice buffet lunch for all in attendance. 

Together with Lois Leverton, administrative assistant, customers, vendors and partners alike were welcomed at the front entrance with a friendly smile and given a swag bag of small gifts to keep.  The day following the open house event, key customers were treated to a day of golf.  Special thanks to Ralph Hendricks, product support coordinator, for coordinating the arrival of the PANTHER T8 on-time for the event.  Attending from the PLM headquarters were Tony Fernandez, president, Ted Hill, chief financial officer, Gordie Tieberg, North America sales manager, and Dawn Rivera, marketing and communications manager. 

The PLM Canada office is busier than ever now, with this event bringing to the attention of customers old and new alike that PLM is their partner for pipeline solutions.  “Both the open house and the customer golf outing were each a resounding success”, says Ted.  “The dedication, focus and extra effort that each of you put in are clearly the reason for that success.  Thanks again for all your hard work.  You made PLM look great!”

“I am extremely proud of the group up here and very pleased with the week.   We are a shining star in the industry and it is now official out there. Put under pressure PLM lives up to our mission statement every week, not just this one.” – Lindley Imeson