Equipment Management Services by PLM

Good equipment management makes your whole business stronger.  These days, equipment management matters more than ever.  With fierce competition, rising costs and other pressures,your margins are constantly being squeezed.  Effectively managing your equipment can do a lot to reduce your operating costs, improve your operations and strengthen your bottom line.

PLM introduces Cat® Equipment Management (EM) Services, part of Cat Connect Services, designed specifically for the pipeline construction industry.  EM Services is enabled by Cat Product LinkTM technology that collects data directly from equipment and provides access to valuable information via the VisionLink® web application.  PLM utilizes these resources and more to provide the support you need to control costs, improve operations, manage people and reduce risk.  Click on the tabs below to read about the innovative technology that makes the EM Services program a powerful tool for your organization.

EM Services

PLM is a trusted partner who will utilize Cat Connect technology to deliver exclusive equipment management solutions.  Level 3 ADVISE will help you schedule timely maintenance, reduce operating expenses, and improve the overall health of your equipment fleet by identifying symptoms before they become expensive problems.  Seamless equipment management technology will help drive your business forward. Cat EM Services offers you the ability to:

  • Reduce costs through preventive maintenance, fleet optimization and life cycle planning.
  • Improve utilization by scheduling equipment and personnel better.
  • Know the location, health and efficiency of equipment.
  • Spot problems before they happen with data, inspections and fluid analysis.
  • See your equipment at a glance with the Fleet Summary view and a monthly overview report.
  • Monitor daily fuel usage, route fuel trucks efficiently and track equipment usage day-by-day, hour-by-hour to effectively manage your assets’ performance and condition.
  • Compare working time vs. idle time to improve utilization.
  • Analyze asset alerts and provide coordination for service, increasing efficiency and reducing downtime.
Whether you manage five machines or 100, the first step is understanding what your machine can tell you and how that information can make a difference to your bottom line.

For more information on subscribing to this service contact your account manager today:  Contact Us
or PLM Condition Monitoring Administrator, Brook See, at +1-713-580-8478.

Product Link

Getting accurate, timely information about the location, utilization and condition of your equipment can make a huge difference in the efficiency and costs of your entire operation.  Cat® Product Link™ enables comprehensive and flexible remote monitoring, asset tracking, maintenance management and more.  

Product Link takes advantage of satellite and cellular networks for greater coverage in more locations.  It offers next generation capabilities with a remarkably intuitive interface, VisionLink®, that makes it easy to monitor data from your whole fleet, then zoom in for a detailed look at individual assets.  

  • Robust new hardware delivers reliable operation in all job-site conditions.  
  • An open-system design allows you to see mixed fleet data with VisionLink.  
  • Data from Cat equipment can easily flow to other business software-making it easy to gather that data once, then use it multiple times in different applications.
  • Enhanced features let you monitor daily fuel usage, route fuel trucks for maximum efficiency and track equipment utilization day by day, hour by hour.
  • Set up site boundaries and security alerts to limit unauthorized equipment usage.
For more information on Product Link hardware please visit:  Cat Connect Technology or ask a PLM Account manager today:  Contact Us.

Integrated Operational Management

Cat® VisionLink®, powered by Trimble, is a web-based application that enables you to better manage the maintenance, health and utilization of your heavy equipment.  VisionLink is made possible by using a combination of Cat Product Link hardware, Global Positional System (GPS) technology, wireless communications, a central server, and a fleet database.

The Cat VisionLink web application displays data collected from the Product Link unit installed on a machine.  It allows easy heavy equipment monitoring from any device connected to the internet.  Product Link provides valuable information that enables remote monitoring of either a single machine or a fleet.  Know your machine's location, hours, health information, fuel utilization and more, allowing you to perform the following tasks:

  • Manage the location and the basic usage of engines and machines.
  • Schedule planned maintenance and major repairs.
  • Manage fault codes or diagnostic codes.
  • Detect problems before problems cause a major component failure.
  • Increase machine availability and productivity by avoiding unexpected downtime repairs.
  • Identify the need for training in order to improve operator efficiency.

For more information on Cat VisionLink software please contact your account manager:  Contact Us or go online to:  Cat VisionLink.

Save Time - Save Money.  Do it right with Cat® Inspect.

Caterpillar® is taking the paper out of the machine inspection process with Cat Inspect, an easy-to-use mobile application that allows users to download machine-specific inspection forms and capture actionable information during their walk-arounds.

Inspection types include Technical Analysis (TA1) inspection forms and Preventive Maintenance (PM) checklists. The checklists are serial-number specific, which gives users guidance specific to the Cat equipment they depend on every day.

  • Users can add ratings, make comments and take pictures during the inspection. Subsequent inspection reports lists items requiring attention, from immediate to normal. If users are inspecting machines with optional equipment not listed on their checklists, they can document that equipment and add the information to the form.
  • Cat Inspect allows typed or dictated notes, off-line inspections, forwarding to the Cat dealer, and PDF distribution. Important alerts are also sent to VisionLink®, so users can get an even better overall view of their fleets.
  • Cat dealers and technicians have tested, improved and used Cat Inspect over the past year, ensuring an outstanding experience for all customers, especially those using a mobile device on inspections for the first time.
  • Cat Inspect is available at no charge for Android devices through Google Play, for Apple iPhones and iPads through the App Store on iTunes and for Windows 8.1 tablets through the Windows Store.

For more information about Cat Inspect, visit or your account manager:  contact us.  To get login instructions once you’ve downloaded the app, contact PLM.

SOSSM Fluid Analysis gives you the inside story.

Taking fluid samples is quick and easy.  With Caterpillar's state-of-the-art analysis and71H EMSolutions SOS Fluid Analysis PLM concise reporting, you can better track equipment, optimize equipment performance and control service and maintenance costs.  Highly trained Cat S•O•S Fluid Analysts know your Cat equipment better than anyone and will back up your analysis with maintenance advise and service recommendations.  S•O•S Fluid Analysis benefits include:

  • Sophisticated analysis - Caterpillar offers the most comprehensive oil and coolant analysis available.
  • Sampling kits make it easy - We can supply complete sampling kits, plus training for your people.
  • Electronic reports - Timely reports and recommendations can be delivered online.

Order S•O•S Kits


PLM Rental Fleet

The PLM equipment rental fleet regularly totals approximately 1,000 units including new and used pipelayers, track-type tractors, excavators and miscellaneous units (graders,welding and tack rigs and PANTHER carriers) equipped as needed for the pipeline contractor.

Cat Product Link is installed on all of PLM rental equipment.  The VisionLink application is then used to monitor our own fleet in order to keep them up and running for your project.  In addition to monitoring equipment health, tracking performance, receiving key operator-induced fault codes and being informed of the run time, idle time and fuel burn, PLM can use a dedicated adviser to monitor and analyze the fleet conditions and use this information along with fluid analysis via S•O•S services to improve equipment asset use and health.  Benefits to the contractor are:

  • A dedicated machine Condition Monitoring Analyst will monitor your rental fleet for any signs of potential complications.
  • Quick and easy diagnostic of machine issues.
  • Fast reaction to machine issues with help from the Cat dealer network.
  • Less travel errors for mechanics due to GPS tracking.
  • PLM's product support team will help troubleshoot and advise repairs in collaboration with a Cat dealer technician, reducing downtime and costs.
  • Real-time location and hours of machine assets.

PLM's focus on the pipeline industry includes a dedicated Product Support Coordinator (PSC) team that works with local Cat dealers to ensure the pipeline contractor has the entire Caterpillar parts and service resource base on alert to the needs of the project as it passes through the local dealer territories.  

PSCs are pipeline equipment specialists who know the pipeline construction industry and the unique equipment challenges it faces.  

Contact Information

Tayne Ivie                                          
Product Support Manager USA           
(801) 616-0039                                                     

David Burnett                                   
PSC - Central USA                           
(713) 997-0106                                                 

Ralph Hendricks
PSC - Southeast USA
(904) 315-7930

John Bilawka                                   
Product Support Manager Canada       
(780) 288-4570                          

Correy Trudeau          
PSC - Canada              
(780) 289-1160        
Glenda Sorensen
Rental Manager
(713) 580-8442

Matt Barkdull
PSC - Western USA
(713) 305-6633

For more information regarding PLM's pipeline equipment and solutions, please contact us.